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During a migration from a legacy system into Salesforce.com, a Salesforce consultant will usually provide their client’s with data load templates. The expectation is that the client will extract data from their legacy system, manipulate that data so it will fit in the templates, “scrub” or “clean” that data getting rid of duplicate or orphaned records, and load the clean data into templates that the consultant will import into Salesforce.

J Francis Consulting specializes in the Data Manipulation, Data Scrubbing, and Data Migration work that is typically out of scope of a Salesforce.com implementation. We can work directly with your firm or your Salesforce.com Implementation Specialist to make sure your that your data is clean and that your firm’s data model will meet present and future needs.

Salesforce.com Data Migration Services:

  • Data extraction from legacy system
  • Data cleanup / scrubbing
  • Importing data into Salesforce
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) setup (upload automation)
  • SQL Server Integration – using DBAmp
  • Upserting using External IDs
  • SQL Server Integration / DBAmp
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Modeling
  • Traning / user instruction

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Why Us
Implementing Salesforce is not an easy task. Many companies do not have an experienced Salesforce Administrator during their initial migration. Hiring an experienced consultant to handle the implementation is often the only option and is usually a very smart decision. The implementation consultants will often rely on a the client’s employees to do much of the work, especially the data portions. These tasks are usually given to a Financial Analyst or Developer who often has a full plate already. Hiring J Francis Consulting ensures that your Salesforce data migration can begin on day one, without pulling valuable technical resources off of their other duties.

 Benefits of an Independent Contractor:

  • Increase of client revenue without increase of overhead expenses
  • Keeping payroll taxes, employee benefits to a minimum
  • Quick adaptation to your needs and time constraints
  • Ability to add additional client business with little stress to currently overloaded staff
  • Increase in bottom line profitability and corporate expansion
  • Get the job done right. . .the first time.

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